I know, I know. I said it wasn’t for me.

But it turns out it is, after all.

What am I talking about? This post, from nearly a year ago. November 11, 2006 was the day the PS3 came out in Japan. I scoffed at its outrageous price, at its lack of software, at the absurdity of forcing gamers to pay for a blu-ray drive. I gave it shit ever since E3 2006. I gave it shit for quite some time after it came out.

Then, a year (to the day, in fact) after it came out – I bought one.

That’s right. I now own a PS3.

But wait! I can explain! Really!

Things have changed in the last year. At least, in the ways that matter to me.

Point 1 – Price

Sony finally figured out that not everybody was willing to pay $600 for the privilege of owning their system. Some people just wanted to play games, and didn’t want to get gouged for the extra features. Of course, Sony couldn’t pull the BR drive, but they could remove the PS2 guts. Fine by me, I already have a PS2 and don’t need a new machine to play those games. They also took out the memory card reader, which was another thing I didn’t need.

And they knocked the price way down.

I wasn’t willing to drop $600 on the system, but for $360 it become damned tempting. So tempting, in fact, that much self-debate ensued. “Do I really want it? It kind of makes sense to get one now. Yeah, but what will you play on it? Aren’t you happy with your 360? Do you think you’ll use it more than the Wii?” Those sorts of thoughts bounced around in my head for most of the morning, and into the afternoon.

Point 2 – Games

The key point for any game system should be the games. It is a game system after all, right? The “must have” titles are finally starting to come out, and the one I got to start off my PS3 gaming was Ratchet and Clank: Future. I’ve always liked the series (though I usually don’t finish the games), and the trailers for this one were unbelievable gorgeous. So much stuff on the screen at once, and a lot of it just there for show. There’s so much going on in the background of every level that it’s hard to see it all. Even though I’m really into playing the game, I want to watch somebody else play it so I can divert my attention away from my character and see more of what’s going on.

There are a few more games I’m interested in, but I’ll leave those for another post (or for when I actually buy them).

Point 3 – Control

I got a chance to try the PS3 at Tokyo Game Show last year and was seriously unimpressed with the controller. The Sixaxis (which still comes bundled with the system) feels cheap and light. With no vibration motors it just doesn’t have a satisfying heft to it.

Enter the DualShock3.

The same day the 40GB PS3 launched in Japan (the aforementioned one-year-to-the-day) Sony also released the real controller for the system. It’s got the underwhelming tilt control of the Sixaxis, and the rumble motors everybody grew to love in the DualShock and DualShock2. I got one (in white, to match my system) when I bought the PS3 and haven’t even taken the stock Sixaxis out of its wrapping.

Point 4 – Satisfaction

Yes, I’m happy with my purchase. Sony finally has enough going on with the system that I’m pleased to own one. It works great, looks nice and is giving me the gaming I want from it. I may have a couple nitpicks, but I’ll leave those for another day.

No reason to end on a sour note. ^.^

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