Heck, that wasn’t so bad.

The key to making an easy move.

Get an early start on packing.

I’m sure some people are going to read that and say, “DUH!!” but it’s the first time I’ve done it, and it’s been very easy. Pack a few boxes here and there and you’ll be done before you realize it.

I started packing last weekend (giving me a full week to pack everything up) and got into a bit of a packing frenzy on Saturday. I’d gotten 10 boxes from the grocery store and had 9 of them filled up before I knew it. I made a few more trips to the store for boxes over the course of the week, and I think I’ve got something like 20 now. They’re not big ones, which may annoy the movers (as it means more trips up and down the stairs here), but they’re fine for me and my iffy back. It also makes it easy to sort stuff, since I don’t have to put a batch of unrelated stuff all jumbled together.

Oh, and label your boxes.

Stupidly, I used to not do that when I moved. I don’t know why. I guess maybe I thought I’d be able to remember what was in each box. (Doubly stupid, since I used to use mostly identical boxes when moving.)I’ve not repeated that mistake this time, so things should go smoothly.

Finally, pay somebody to move your shit!

Seriously, why lug your own crap between homes when you can pay somebody to do it. It’s costing me 20,000 to hire the movers, and I think that’s a bargain. I’d actually budgeted more than that, so I think I’m getting off extra-cheap. They come to my place, load up the truck, take it to the new apartment and lug it all inside.

Why the hell would I want to do that myself? ^.^

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