I have inhaled the Pegasus Galaxy.

Not all in one sitting, mind you, but close to it.

I liked the original Stargate movie, but never really got into the SG1 series. The premise was okay, but the MacGuyver thing may have put me off watching it. When Stargate: Atlantis premiered last year, I grabbed the pilot episode, but didn’t think much of it. I’d thought Atlantis could be cool, because I always went for the whole “lost city” thing. Looked like Stargate on TV still wasn’t for me.

Then somebody had to go and compare me to one of the characters on SGA….

Well, I couldn’t let that go without seeing what the fuss was about, so I downloaded the whole first season and tore through it. (I was also pushed along by the stories online about the second season kicking off.)

The verdict: watchable, but not great.

It’s got potential, but it’s too episodic. I guess I’ve been sucked into (and spoiled by) shows like Lost, 24, and the new iteration of Battlestar Galactica. Yes, I know there are things that continue on from one episode to the next, but it’s still got too much of an “Oh no! Only five minutes left in the episode. How will this problem get resolved?!?” feeling to them. And of course, everything always gets resolved nice and neat, and we can go out with a joke.I need more suspense than that. More drama than that. Or a lot, lot less, but then it’d be a cartoon, and I’ve already got cartoons I can watch for that kind of thing.

Even so, I’m sure I’ll keep watching it.

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