School Cancelled on Account of Rain

Perhaps I wished a tad too strongly for wetter weather….

Somehow I’ve been managing to sleep later than usual this week. (“Later than usual” meaning “past 5:30.”) I was woken up by my phone this morning, which is very odd. My alarm hadn’t gone off yet, and it was set for 7:00.

Who’d call me before 7?

My boss, of course. She was calling with dire warnings of typhoons, and told me that school would be cancelled for the day.

For rain?!?

Yeah, sounded weird to me too. I mean, just how much rain were we supposed to be getting?She said the storm was supposed to be sweeping through Tokyo beginning at noon (or so the Tokyo weatherfolk said), which is right when we were going to have a bunch of kids getting dropped off and others picked up.

Hardly the kind of thing you want going on in a major storm.

Or worse, what if we had kids at school whose parents couldn’t make it in through the storm? So I’d say she made a good call.

Of course, things never pan out like you’d expect them to.

Right now it’s about 3:45 and I’ve yet to see anything remotely resembling a typhoon. I remember the big one we got hit with last fall, and what we’ve gotten today is nothing like that. It’s been raining off and on since late last night, but nothing I’d call a cause for concern.So, it looks like I’ve been blessed with a day off.

I’m not complaining, I assure you.

I’ve taken the time to get some stuff done. I got some materials together for school tomorrow. I got a hotel booked for my vacation (in two weeks!). I got my visa taken care of. I went grocery shopping. I even got some productive geeking done. A pretty full day, actually. Hmm, maybe I didn’t ask for enough rain….

Imagine what I could get done with two days off! ^.^

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